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Prop & Costuming Reference Material

The following books are highly recommended for anyone interested in constructing Star Wars props and costumes.  First, the following two books by Thurston James are MUST HAVES. "The Prop Builder's Molding & Casting Handbook" gives valuable information on how to make molds, work with plaster and resin, and even how to build your own vacuform machine.  If you buy one book, buy this one.  Also shown is his guide to mask making, an excellent book if you're interested in sculpting a mask or even a helmet.

The Visual Dictionary's belong in any self respecting Star Wars prop & costume builder's library. These have many close up photos of costumes and props. Just be aware that some photos may be reversed for layout purposes (such as the Tie Pilot in the Original Trilogy book), so double check photos when possible.

The mamba jamba of all Star Wars reference books, Chronicles is a beautiful compilation of prop, costume, model and behind the scenes photos.  Again, a must have.  Believe it or not, the Star Wars Action Figure Archive is also a great costume reference book.  There are photos in this book that I have never seen elsewhere.  It's probably my favorite.